About Us

My name is Houshang Kazemi and I am a proud Iranian Fancy Pigeon and Pheasant breeder.  I have been raising these beautiful birds for well over a decade and am now proudly sharing them with you and other individuals who are interested in their splendor.

A group of Iranian Pheasants play together in their breeding area

The fancy pigeons and pheasants come from several different provinces of Iran.  A few of the many fancy pigeons I raise include Saddleback, Homa, and Toghi- all of which come in a variety of many colors with crists.  Some of my pigeons are black with a white tail while others are blue with white tails.  Nonetheless, all of these magnificant birds originated from their parent pigeons which I brought directly from Iran to the United States where I breed them in the pleasant climate of Tarzana, San Fernando Valley- just 10 miles from Los Angeles, California.

My Iranian Fancy Pigeons are very photogenic as they pose for a shot!

-Hooshang Kazemi
Founder of Iranian Fancy Pigeons & Pheasants